Building Brand Loyalty in the Digital Age

The digital age has transformed how small businesses interact with customers.

There are loads of new ways to connect with your target audience, but also new challenges in holding customers’ attention.

Customers can and do switch loyalties if they find a business that better meets their needs, aligns closer with their values, or offers a better buying experience.

The backdrop to all this is an environment where:

  • Consumer sentiment is plummeting: Optimism declined 8% in 2022
  • The cost of living is climbing: Australia’s living cost indicators rose 4% to 6.9% in 2023
  • Customers are less forgiving: 56% switch brands or retailers to get better value

This might paint a grim picture of brand loyalty, but don’t give up just yet.

There are plenty of reasons to build and maintain strong customer relationships, whether through a locally hosted .au domain or face-to-face interactions.

According to McKinsey:

  • 64% of loyal customers purchase more often
  • 31% are willing to pay a higher price to stay with a brand they trust
  • 50% recommend their favourite brand to others
  • 35% will choose the brand they know over others

Recent research even shows that 80% of Australian SMEs believe customers who are part of a loyalty program spend more than those who aren’t.

Taking all of this information together, we believe that retaining customer loyalty is vital for growing your business and within reach, no matter your resources.

Brand loyalty starts online

Your online presence is usually the first point of contact with potential customers.

While customers prefer in-person purchasing, they still use multiple devices, platforms and online touchpoints to research their decisions.

A well-designed website, an active social media profile, and a strategic approach to online marketing sets the foundation for strong brand loyalty.

Why Australian website hosting matters

Our loyal readers will remember that we outlined the reasons for choosing local website hosting and registering a .au domain with an Australian website management service.

No worries if you haven’t read it. Here are the highlights:

  • 76% of Australians are more likely to trust a business with a locally-hosted website
  • and .au domain names are more likely to appear in near me” search results
  • 92% of people know domain names mean the business is local
  • 60% of shoppers look for or .au domains to support local stores, and 66% want their purchase protected by Australian laws

If you want to build brand loyalty, lay a solid foundation by establishing your online presence. Discover how Registry’s website hosting and domain registration services make it easy and affordable.

Read more: Boost Your Online Presence with Professional Website Management Services.

Be excellent, always

Exceptional customer service remains a cornerstone of brand loyalty, even online.

Businesses that go the extra mile by anticipating customers’ needs and offering personalised solutions will win the loyalty game.

If you don’t have the resources to launch that kind of marketing strategy just yet, it’s enough to focus on prompt, helpful and friendly service when customers reach out.

Make customers feel special

Who doesn’t love a little thank you?

Loyalty programs and exclusive offers show your customers they’re appreciated.

From the simple stamp card to sophisticated personalised marketing, leaning into loyalty programs has a proven impact on customer retention.

Integrating a customer portal or customer relationship management (CRM) platform into your website helps you gather and analyse the first-party data you need to tailor these programs to the interests of your customer base.

Consistency builds brand recognition

Establish a clear brand voice and stick to it across all your online channels, for example:

  • Registering a .au domain with your business name
  • Sticking to a consistent style in social media posts, website content and paid advertising
  • Repurposing website content onto social media for added impact
  • Maintaining a consistent level of service to reassure customers

If you are one of the many entrepreneurs doing your own marketing, it’s worth looking into tools to help automate social media posting and maintain design consistency.

Be you, be real

Today’s consumers value authenticity and transparency. Authenticity fosters emotional connections which are vital for building brand loyalty.

That doesn’t always mean blurring the lines between your personality and your brand’s but maintaining a consistent, customer-centric brand persona.

Share your brand’s story, mission and values, and engage customers in genuine conversations.

Above all, demonstrate that you value their feedback.

###Ready to build brand loyalty? Registry has your back

Loyalty starts with a well-built website hosted in Australia, and that’s where Registry comes in.

Our professional website management services include and .au domain registration, secure website hosting in Australia, and custom email addresses.

With a local support team here when you need help, industry-leading security and a user-friendly portal, Registry is your partner in starting and scaling your small business.

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