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Dianne Lock

Very friendly and helpful. Thank you

Dion Schembri

I found your local staff, to be be very helpful today as I booked my Domain Name, and paid for it. She was very clear and precise. It was lovely talking with her today.

Deborah C

I needed to solve a difficult problem involving email forwarding. I rang Caysie at Registry Australia to get some advice on how to do it. Instead of walking me through it she said just send the info to her and she'll do it fo me. Winning!

George M.

Aisyah S provided us a promptly response and assisted us sort out the issues. Much appreciated.

Cynthia Di

Quickly solved my question, thank you very much for your help

Focus C.

Caysie the Client Specialist was immensely helpful today with renewal

Andrew Brown

very nice to speak to and very quick to fix my paper work

Kyle Gibb

Emily C was a RockStar, was able to sort out my enquiry while we were still on the phone. Just love good services.

Amanda Lloyd

Max Old-Smith

4.9 from 1977 Reviews

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Registry Australia provides a fleet of services to help businesses maintain their digital assets. By continually streamlining our systems, we help businesses save time and money everyday allowing them to focus on more important tasks, while we take care of the rest.

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