New Domain Names Policy Rules

Did you know there are new domain name policy rules coming into affect?

auDA (Australian Domain Administration) note on their website;

New licensing rules for .au domain names in the .au ccTLD

A new set of licensing rules will also be introduced for domain names within the .au ccTLD, including within the .au,,,,,, and the state and territory namespaces.

The licensing rules are the terms and conditions registrants must meet when applying for a .au domain name licence.

While the principles of the rules haven’t changed significantly, the new licensing rules are a consolidation of numerous separate policies which apply to .au domain name registrants now.

It is anticipated that the new licensing rules will come into effect in Q4 2019.

auDA began life as Australian Domain Name Administration, or ADNA; which was set up in the 1990’s. ADNA subsequently went through some massive changes and renamed to .au Domain Administration (auDA), which then took over operations of the .au country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) in 2001. The history of the ccTLD stretches back more than 30 years – you can learn more about how our Australian domain name space has evolved here.