Google Search Update: no more than two results from same domain name.

Google Search Liaison declared on June 7th, 2019, that Google will be providing “more site diversity” in Google Search Results going forward.

This most notably means, Google will no longer show more than TWO RESULTS from the SAME DOMAIN for a particular query in the top search results.

Google will also treat sub-domains as part of the main domain. So if you have “”, this will also be considered part of the main” domain and count towards the total of “two results” shown for a Google search.

This is great news for domain investors and entrepreneurs who own hundreds of domain names.

A great example we can think of here is when someone is looking to buy a house in a particular suburb.

In theory, this will mean that one TWO results from will show up. There will now be a chance for other domain names to also show their houses for sale, for example and will now also be given a chance to show their listings on the first page of search results.