Have you enabled auto-renew on your domain name?

Your domain name is a very important part of your online brand. It’s where you business “lives” online. It’s generally the first port of call for your customers when they want to find out more information about you, or wish to contact you!

Imagine if you lost your domain name to a competitor? All because you forgot to update your credit card details or forgot to click your “auto renew” button in your Registry Console.

Missing out on renewing your domain name or letting it lapse, means someone else can easily swoop in and register it, then hold it ‘hostage’ and leverage significant amounts of money out of you for them to transfer it back into your ownership. This is obviously not something that you want to experience.

Although we go to great lengths to contact you when your domain name is up for renewal, you can really help make the process easy by ensuring you have you credit card details up to date and the “auto renew” button ticked against your domain name in your console.

If you require more information about this, please feel free to call us during business hours and speak to one of our lovely staff members.